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My Background and Philosophy

As a Movement Coach, I combine my certifications in Personal Training (CPT) , Health Coaching (CHC) and Group Fitness Instructing (GFI) with my experience as an Occupational Therapist (MOTR/L) and my love for movement to help you find the fitness program that is right for you and your body.  

I believe movement should be fun not something you dread doing.  When you like something, you are more inclined to do it!  This will help you stick with your program and get the results you want.  


I also believe good health is for everyone, even if you are living with chronic injuries or disease.   I will help you learn how to support yourself no matter what challenges life throws at you.   I have experience working with people who have arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and neurological, cardiac, autoimmune and bone diseases. Don't let a diagnosis stop you from progressing with your fitness goals and living the life you want to live! 

Additionally, as a lover of movement,  I have sought out extra training in many areas. This helps me develop programs that are individualized according to your interest and needs.   Some of the areas include: 

  • Functional Strength Training

  • Flexibility and Mobility Programs

  • Hiking/Walking Programs

  • Daily Functional Movement

  • Balance Training

  • Habit Formation and Behavior Change

  • Brain Health

  • Restorative Movement

  • Ground-Based Movement

  • Meditation

  • Outside Exercise (Green Exercise) 

  • Daily Self-Care Programs

  • Aqua Fitness

  • Dance

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