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My Background

As a Movement Coach, I combine 25+ years of experience working with people in the health and wellness space with my love for movement to help people learn to live their healthiest life. 

I blend my certifications in Personal Training (CPT), Health Coaching (CHC) and Group Fitness Instructing (GFI) with my medical background as an Occupational Therapist (MOTR/L) and Public Health Educator (BS) to look at health from a broad, holistic perspective. 


I have worked hard in my career to seek a variety of experiences and knowledge so that I can provide each person with a plan that fits their individualized needs. Some areas of expertise and interest include: 

  • Functional Strength/Resistance Training - Click here for info on my Cancer Exercise Group

  • Flexibility and Mobility Training

  • Cardio/Aerobic Conditioning   

  • Hiking/Walking Programs - Click here for info on my Walking Group

  • Life Style Exercise and Movement  

  • Balance Training

  • Brain Health

  • Aging in Place Home Evaluations

  • Restorative Movement Programs 

  • Meditation and Movement  

  • Outdoor Exercise Programs

  • Self-Care Programs 

  • Aqua Fitness 

  • Ground-Based Movement

  • Dance

Let's talk to see how I can help you find your way to your healthiest self!


Also, as a Breast Cancer Survivor/Thriver, I know what it is like to have a serious health challenge and find a way to health.  It is a process and doesn't happen overnight, but it is doable!  I have experience working with people who have a variety of health challenges including Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, and Neurological, Cardiac, Autoimmune and Osteoporosis.  Don't let a diagnosis get in the way of your health and wellness goals!  If you are a medical professional with a referral, please click here.

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