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Your Fitness Your Way
Offering in-person and online health and fitness coaching
  • Do you want to feel your best while doing the things you love no matter what life throws at you?   You've found the right place.  I am a certified Personal Trainer who specializes in developing individualized, simple, sustainable, and enjoyable movement programs that easily fit your life.  

  • I’m also a licensed Occupational Therapist, so I can help you safely and effectively meet your fitness goals and prevent or work with an existing injury or illness.

Happy senior woman enjoying the nature i


I think movement should help you feel capable, energetic and be enjoyable.  Instead of doing workouts that leave you feeling depleted, frustrated or injured, I help you focus on taking the time to find out what your body needs, how you like to move, and then moving at a pace that fits your life.   Redefining exercise in this way helps you move smarter, more efficiently, and with joy.  As your movement coach, I will help you: 

  • Learn to change your mindset around exercise from one of punishment and control to one of enjoyment and ease

  • Learn to listen to and create a connection to your body that helps you move better and heal from life's challenges

  • Learn the skills necessary to complete safe and effective movement

  • Learn to develop your movement "practice" and be kind to yourself with no requirement for perfection 



If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself to feel good and need guidance from a kind, knowledgeable, and experienced coach, I am here for you – let’s get started! 

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