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Your Fitness Your Way
Offering in-person and online health and fitness coaching
  • Do you want to feel your best while doing the things you love no matter what life throws at you?   You've found the right place.  I am a certified Personal Trainer who specializes in developing individualized, simple, sustainable, and enjoyable movement programs that easily fit your life.  

  • I’m also a licensed Occupational Therapist, so I can help you safely and effectively meet your fitness goals and prevent or work with an existing injury or illness.


I think movement should help you feel capable, energetic and be enjoyable.  Instead of doing workouts that leave you feeling depleted, frustrated or injured, I help you focus on taking the time to find out what your body needs, how you like to move, and then moving at a pace that fits your life.   Redefining exercise in this way helps you move smarter, more efficiently, and with joy.  As your movement coach, I will help you: 

  • Learn to change your mindset around exercise from one of punishment and control to one of enjoyment and ease

  • Learn to listen to and create a connection to your body that helps you move better and heal from life's challenges

  • Learn the skills necessary to complete safe and effective movement

  • Learn to develop your movement "practice" and be kind to yourself with no requirement for perfection 


As you start to change your mindset around exercise, you start to listen to your body.  You will begin to move from a grounded, balanced place and get better at selecting and completing movements that are in-line with what your body needs.  This will help you create a "daily body maintenance" program so your body and mind can stay in good working order.  This helps you to keep consistently moving because you are not forcing your body and mind to do something it's not ready for, resulting in injury or giving up because you feel discouraged. You will find that you will make continuous, well-paced improvements towards your health and wellness goals. 


Throughout your process, you will learn to be kind to yourself, assured in the knowledge that you are making improvements, even if you miss a workout!  If you do get injured or off track, which is part of life, you will know how to implement a restorative movement program that helps you keep moving in a safe way while your body heals.  This continued consistency will help you achieve a baseline of fitness that supports the life you want. 

Once you have this solid foundation, you can then challenge yourself and work towards other movement goals, or stay where you are at knowing that you can do the things you want to do in your life.   In this process, you will realize that movement is enjoyable and something you look forward to doing. It will be something that provides a source of strength and energy for you in your daily life. You will be able to enjoy your movement because it feels good!



If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself to feel good and need guidance from a kind, knowledgeable, and experienced coach, I am here for you – let’s get started! 

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